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American Grown with Sicilian Roots T-Shirt

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To teach more about their culture, we created the american grown with sicilian roots t-shirt that is a friendly reminders to all who are searching for their family history and would like to take part in Sicilian festivals. Because of how family oriented Sicilians have become around the globe, the movement should encourage other nationalities to be proud of their heritage and be willing to learn about other groups of people.

American Grown with Sicilian Roots 

As you may already know, Sicilian people are mixed with different nationalities and cultures. Within this special nationality of people, there is a connection to America. Dating back to 800 BC, Sicilians have roots surrounding the Mediterranean Sea near Italy. Their life and culture began on the island of Sicily. Because of many settlers living there, the languages cover Greek, Catalan, French, Arabic, and Spanish. Recently, there has been said to be other languages added to the list.

American Grown with Sicilian Roots an their Food

As time progressed, the festivals among the people taught them lessons on cooking spicy food, building homes, fishing, music, art, and poetry. Their religious beliefs developed, and soon after, Sicilians were Roman Catholics. Their primary family celebrations were surrounded by holidays and the festivals of life such as birthdays, weddings, and graduations. During these times, Sicilians met new people and became friends which helped them become more social. The primary principles taught from Jesus Christ is said to be the reason why they follow the Bishop of Rome.

Sicilians took more and more of the American Culture

Later on, Sicilians decided to take on more of the American culture with a mixture of country living. This led them to be interested in sports like soccer and tennis. While practicing what was taught to them through the Roman Catholic churches, Sicilians wanted to remain reserved in their home life as much as possible. The reason for that is because of wanting to keep the lessons learned through their families. As cultures and traits from America allured Sicilians, fashion was slowly chosen by some women. That influenced Sicilian children to lean toward modern technology. Education was passed down through generations of learning from each other. Once time progressed to the 13th century, public schools were used within their beliefs. While living in the tents that we’re once built from branches and twigs, some took classes to learn about carpentry.

Sicilians have a Rural Lifestyle

Some decided to migrate to America in hopes of living off the land while having more freedom of choices. Although Sicilians were dominating some areas of life, Sicilians still choose to have a rural lifestyle to learn more through faith. American customs are now seemingly promising to Sicilians. As their journeys of learning expanded, the different cuisines by campfire and grill sparked the latest interest in tailgating.

The Culture Of Italian People With American Influence

The children choose to keep the traditions of their grandmothers and grandfathers by choosing to camp and garden. With that in mind, the techniques and skills that have been passed down for centuries will continue to be apart of their lives. While the Internet and social media is more interesting to children and teenagers, this modern way makes it easier for Sicilians to express their culture with other nationalities and create more friendships.

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