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American Grown with Polish Roots T-Shirt

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People with Polish roots should wear this shirt with pride and joy. The shirt is provided with a strong tree. The upper part shows the American flag and the lower part shows the roots of the Polish flag. The ideal gift or just for yourself.

Culture and Genealogy –¬†American Grown with Polish Roots

As an amateur genealogist (over a dozen years in the making), I adore and enthralled with learning about the fantastic backgrounds and countries of origins of my ancestors. After all, we are not only genetically composed of all of our great grandparents going back into eras of bygone days, the cultural effects are passed down through fantastic stories, mannerisms (however, slight or magnified) and so much more.

Salad Bowl VS Mixing Pot

Is the United State of America’s population a wonderful melting pot or a lovely salad bowl? This question has surely come up in your History classes or a topic of conversation at some point in your life. Either answer is certainly an acceptable way to explain and describe our vast, beautiful cultures.

Society as a Whole

Of course, as proud citizens of the United States of America, we all stand by and affirm our established Constitution that wraps up and encompasses us all with a common, significant bond. At the same time, we should equally never forget where we came from and all the phenomenal accomplishments and stunning determination. Strength that our past generations struggled with as they crossed over into our borders to eventually become established and integrated as part of our exceptional society.

Polish Waves of Immigration

The Polish had three major, significant waves of emigrating from Poland to the United States, beginning in the early 1800s to the early 1900’s, the second influx was around 1918 (after WWII), and the third one encompasses the period from the 1980s to current, present times.

Significant portion arrived as Polish working class communities. With blue collar skills and unable to speak the English language with fluency or at all. With a strong desire to remain in close knit circles for ease of comfort and community support.
After the tremendous destruction of Poland after WWII, with a large portion of the population destroyed and others having been political prisoners. This group mostly arrived as the refugee status. Generally, more skilled and fluent compared to the previous generations with increased susceptibility to integrate into the established Americans way of life and customs at a quicker rate.
When Poland became a state of martial law (early 1980s) and the continued increase of poverty, the influx of Polish arriving were even more inclined to immediately mix in and take advantage of the opportunities here. Especially with their increased ability to speak the English language.
Polish Pride, Wear it

American Grown with Polish Roots T-Shirt

Whatever wave category and whenever you or your family arrived, certainly you must be extremely proud of your American grown with Polish roots, honored heritage and rightfully so of your ancestors, too. That’s why I actually adorn my portion of Polish family lines with a T-shirt and you should, too. After all, it is our differences that make us unique. If we were all the exact same, it would be totally bland and boring. The United States of America establishment has always been founded on individuals and families from other parts of the world settling here. Embracing both their new life and fondly respecting their mother and father countries, too.

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17.99 $