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American Grown with Norwegian Roots T-Shirt

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You too can show off that your American Grown with Norwgian Roots with this great t-shirt.

Proudly step out in this soft 100% cotton t-shirt. On the front is displayed a large tree; featuring the American flag on the top and the Norwegian flag on the bottom; depicting the roots.

Let people know that your Norwegian past is a great influencer of your future. Your part of the group.

An American Grown with Norwegian Roots

The Norwegians had superior nautical knowledge that allowed them to traverse the Atlantic Ocean, reaching North America 500 years before Christopher Columbus. Science is even beginning to prove the skraeling (Native Americans) knew of us and we of them more than 1700 years before Columbus was even born.

Due to poverty levels and lack of food Norwegians began immigrating to North America during the colonial era. As settlers moved West, so did we. Bringing our culture and traditions deeper into continent.

Many of the words common in the English language today have their roots in Norwegian. Take a look:

Fellow Knot Kindle
“F√©lage” “Knutr” “Kynda”

The Muskego Manifesto of 1845, detailed how much appreciated that American ideals of liberty had impressed and encouraged Norwegians to put down new roots in a strange land. By 1890 it’s estimated that 250,000 Norwegians had immigrated into what was now the United States.

American Grown with Norwegian Roots – The Food and Culture

As American grown Norwegians have been true to their roots. From Westby to the Red River Valley you will find them making krumkake and eating scalloped sandbakkels. Enjoying the friluftsliv as only the Norwegians can, regardless of the weather.

Ever true to the land they left behind, Norwegian culture has sincerely flourished over the mid western states. Especially in Minnesota, which rightly claims the largest portion of Norwegian population.

So proud is the population that they have begun several projects to not only preserve the culture, but also the encourage learning of Norwegian history and language.

Founded in 2004 Norway House has the lofty ambition to create a multi-purpose community center dedicated to the American grown Norwegians. One such project Skofjorden Camp is one great way for American grown Norwegians to get in touch with their roots. Through different activities that encourage pride on their heritage as well as learning cultural norms.

The activities at this camp and others show off what great roots these American Norwegians have. Also they have an opportunity to understand the origin of their anecestral customs.

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17.99 $