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American Grown with Italian Roots T-Shirt

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The American Grown With Italian Roots t-shirt is just one way that you can be proud of where you came from. This is the kind of thing that defines us because we all came from some other part of the world only to all be here.

Being Italian is something to take great pride in, and having that shirt is something good for the whole family. You want to celebrate your roots, and you can do that with those one little thing.

American Grown with Italian Roots

People who are Italian or have Italian parents and grandparents understand that they are American but has a certain splash of culture that other people do not have. THe Italian culture is not just Italian food and wine (even though we have many Italian wineries and restaurants in America.). The ITalian spirit is a lot deeper.

 The Italian Culture

The culture of Italians is all about family. Yes, they might own a deli, but that is not nearly as important as the family all working together. If you take someone like Buddy Valastro, you find that basically his whole family works in Carlo’s Bakery. That ids a powerful thing. The culture insists that the family unit is the most important thing.

American Grown with Italian Roots –¬†Celebration

The Italians are very good at celebration, and they love to be the people who plan parties and celebrate. They love to be the people who crack open the wine and have a party. They do love to make the food, but they also like to see the brighter side of life. They want to be the ones that show us the silver lining, and that is beautiful.

Catholicism in Italy

Not All Italians are Catholic, but they have had a profound impact on America because they did bring the Catholic faith over which is good for so many people. The faith is the thing that has made the cathedrals in this country, and it is also the thing that makes it easier for some people to get educated and have a community that is good for them. All these things come together to make the Italian American very important.

American Grown with Italian Roots –

The Italian American experience and boisterous nature is something that people really need to get behind because it could teach us a lot about loving life and having all our priorities in order. These people need to be celebrated, and they should be shown that we love them.

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17.99 $