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American Grown with Dutch Roots T-Shirt

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The Dutch have played major roles in America, from the signing of the Declaration of Independence, to having the bloodline of some of our best presidents. Dutch Americans are a great treasure to our culture. Now we have a beautiful shirt for you to show your Dutch American pride.

American Grown with Dutch Roots

Being a Dutch American gives you the best of both worlds. The Dutch come from the Netherlands, and their culture is diverse. The Dutch are known as explorers because of their brave and bright spirits. The language of the Netherlands is Dutch, which is spoken by most of the people that live there. Most Dutch can, however, speak other foreign languages as well, such as English and German. Most of the people in the Netherlands believe in Irreligion, which means they are not religious at all.

Dutch American Pride

The Netherlands are packed with world-famous icons that you will definitely want to see such as beautiful tulips and the windmills. You will also want to try some Dutch cheese. It said to be some of the best cheese in the world. You will also want to check out Dutch clogs, or wooden shoes. They make great souvenirs. The Dutch started coming to America in 1613. Dutch Americans maintain strong connections with their heritage by either having a surname that is Dutch or joining a community group. Most Dutch Americans are Protestant.

Some of our presidents were Dutch like Martin Van Buren, Warren G Harding, and the Roosevelts. The Bushes are also of Dutch ancestry. Dutch settlers played a major role in forming and freeing the United States after the American Revolution. There are even some Dutch signatures on the Declaration of Independence. In 1657, the Dutch assisted in the Flushing Remonstrance, which is what started religious freedom in America. The Dutch were also the first to salute the flag in 1776.

The beautiful American Grown with Dutch Roots T-Shirt

Be sure to get your hands on this beautiful shirt and show your heritage with pride. The Dutch are a big part of what makes America great. They have a role in everything from the American Revolution, to the modern day troubles and triumphs. We all stand together as Americans. We have all shed blood for this great country. We are all Americans. This is a country of freedom and hope. It shows us that anything is possible if we all work together. Being a Dutch American is a great honor and we want you to show your pride everyday.

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