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American Grown with British Roots T-Shirt

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If you want to show everyone your British and American pride, The Roots of Life Tees has a t-shirt available that does just that. The front displays, ‘American Grown With British Roots’ over a tree design that incorporates the American and British flags. Wear your pride on your sleeves and show your roots.

The British have played an important role in the colonization of america. The British adopted the language and introduced it as the official language of America.

American Grown With British Roots

The English have migrated to the Americas since the 1500’s. Roanoke was the first colony established by England in 1585, but its inhabitants mysteriously disappeared. Jamestown was established 20 years later in 1607, but half of the 104 men who made the journey died in the first 6 months. Early settlers faced a harsh existence, forcing them to seek help from the native population that had roamed that region for years. Some tribes were hostile to the strange newcomers, but others were willing to help. These were the first examples of British integration in the Americas, since they had to learn about new farming tactics and wildlife in order to survive their new environment. Most modern American holidays stem from England.

Scots and Scotch-Irish settled in South Carolina and Virginia

The Jacoby Rising took place in Scotland in 1745. There were clan breakups that lead to mass migration to America, with most starting their new lives in South Carolina and Virginia. Between 1763 and 1775, thousands of Scots and Scotch-Irish established colonies in South Carolina and East Jersey. Most were Presbyterians and Quakers that didn’t integrate with the preexisting colonists. The Potato Famine in 1840 lead many more Scotch-Irish to emigrate. In 1920, an economic depression caused another mass migration of Scotts to America in search of industrial jobs. The Scotts earned a reputation of hard work that made them valuable assets to the American economy. This sped up their integration into the English dominated society. Highland Games and Scottish festivals still take place throughout the US.

American Grown With British Roots And Welsh Roots

The first Welsh are believed to have arrived in 1618, however, most came in 1700. The majority were Quakers who settled in Pennsylvania. In the 18th century, there was another large Welsh migration that lead to the colony of Cambria. Many Welsh farmers lived in the south during the 1800’s. Welsh families also started furniture, coal cars, marble, and roofing companies. In Knoxville, Welsh descendants still celebrate St. David’s Day.
With the advent of the internet, people can learn all about the customs and cultures of other countries before moving to them. Unlike other countries though, America is a true melting pot.

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