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American Grown with Abruzzi Roots Shirt

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Are you or your parents “American grown with Abruzzo roots”? Or have you visited Abruzzo and fell in love with the countryside? I think you would appreciate a shirt to announce Abruzzi cultural pride. Help education people about the Abruzzi culture. They will wonder when they see your, “American Grown with Abruzzi Roots” shirt. This cotton shirt comes in a variety of colors and under $20. Hurry up and give it a look.

American Grown with Abruzzi Roots

Ever heard of Abruzzi? Don’t feel bad many people haven’t heard the term Abruzzi either. In Italian Abbrùzzu is a location in Southern Italy. It is known to be an especially attraction town with a large region saved for national parks, which include towering snow capped mountain ranges. Abbrùzzu or Abruzzo region is also lined by long sandy beaches. Sounds like a great place to live, huh? You may already be familiar with Abruzzi people and not know such as Madonna, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Nancy Pelosi, just to name a few famous folks from that part of the world. The coastal region has a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters and rainy hills.

What is Abruzzo Known For?

Spaghetti alla chitarra, this spaghetti is unique because of the length of the noodles. Croccante, is a Abruzzo dessert it’s made with a nougat made from almonds and caramelized sugar sometimes flavored with lemon. Abruzzo is known for their own olive oil, wines and liquors.

Exodus from Abruzzo to America

Why would anyone want to leave this beautiful region of Italy? Many Abruzzian felt compelled because of the hazardous economic and social situation in the country. After 1870, a huge numbers of Abruzzian’s flocking to American. Particularly, because the location of the ports and the ticket price. They were almost given away to encourage emigration to the United States so, as to supply farm field hands for agriculture.

American Grown with Abruzzi Roots People in Washington DC.

Washington DC. has the largest number of Abruzzian’s today. Abruzzi’s have contributed to American culture by introducing their food, wine and artisan’s crafts. In fact, Abruzzi organizations regularly host events focusing on the culture, food and crafts. Quite a number of Abruzzi’s see the importance of keeping in touch with their roots. Organizations host an exciting workshop teaching old style Abruzzi ceramic molding.

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17.99 $