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You Have The Choice


We have two different styles for each design. It is available in full color and vintage effect. The vintage design has a distinct wooden effect. It looks like light tree rings and has a brownish color. In addition, it adapts better to the T-shirt color.
The full color design shines with bold colors and reveals the national color from afar. So you have the choice. Strong colors or light brown vintage look.

What is The Roots of Life tees?

We design T-shirts for people whose roots are outside of America. We want people to be able to show with pride where their ancestors or themselves come from. To do this in style, we chose the symbol of a tree. The tree stands for eternity and also the ancestor tree is represented as a tree. So the treetop stands for growth and that here and now. The hidden roots show how the tree draws its energy and how strong a tree is.

We have combined these two components of the tree and the roots and created a design that can be used simultaneously for all nations of the world. We have provided two versions.

The first version has strong colors and can already be seen from afar to which national colors it is. The design and has clean lines. There you can easily see the rings as you can see them in a real tree trunk. It looks like a vintage design and adapts to the shirt without being extremely prominent.

When Columbus Came

When Columbus came across America, he had no idea what would trigger this discovery. Some time later, millions of people made the pilgrimage to America to find happiness, money, or just a home.


Among the people were the most diverse nations from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and many other parts of the world. The nations with different roots live peacefully side by side and show that it is possible to create a wonderful multicultural country.